We are a high quality strength and conditioning programme based in South Dublin.


At Bodyfit Extrene we deliver a fitness programme that will compare to no other. Workouts are intense but enjoyable, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment; you'll still have a smile on your face at the end of class (once you catch your breath)!


We offer a broadly inclusive training programme that meets the needs of every individual that train with us.


Whether you are a professional athlete, fire-fighter, grand parent or a weekend warrior, we will scale the programme to suit YOU! You will be coached in all the major lifts, basic gymnastic movements, kettlebells and many more exercise & movements that will increase your work capacity. We will coach you like an athlete to help excel in life.


Our training programme is universally scalable to meet the needs of everyone. You won't find any mirrors, just a community wishing to better themselves.

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Whats in a workout